Bespoke dog walking, pet and house sitting service.

Flo’s Furry Friends

Bespoke dog walking, pet and house sitting service.

My name is Kari Flo Dunton, I am fully insured for all aspects of pet sitting, walking and transportation. I hold an ‘Introduction to Animal Care Certificate’, ‘Pet sitting and dog walking Diploma’, ‘Animal first aid’ and an Enhanced DBS.


I have been house-sitting since 2018, through an online site, and have eleven 5-star reviews from the eleven completed sits, from North Yorkshire to Cornwall, Southern Ireland and several places in between. Pets have ranged from cats and dogs to Crested Geckos, chickens and even ‘Minty and Parsley’ the sheep!

I have been helping out at local hedgehog rescues for 18 months now. Care has included feeding and cleaning out the hogs. I have done some triage and have been passed by Old Registry Vets for assessing and administering injectable and topical medicines to sick and injured hedgehogs.

My Pets

Over the years I have had mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, budgies, cockatiels, cats, dogs, fish, chickens and currently I have 2 corn snakes.

My Services

My aim is to now offer bespoke pet sitting in my local area.

I can come to your home to feed your pets, sit with them, interact and play with them and take them for walks. How much or how little you want is up to you. Each enquiry will start with a home visit to meet you and your pets, to check we all get along and to discuss your and your pets requirements.

I aim to only walk dogs from one household at a time. If however you want your dog to have a ‘Doggy Play Date’ I will do my best to arrange it with another client.


You may just want me for an hour, an afternoon, the whole day, overnight or even two weeks holiday. I would recommend at least a taster before you go on holiday to the other side of the world but hopefully I can cover that too!


Every sit will have different duties. I will not be able to quote until I have been to your home, met you and your pets and seen what your sit entails.


131 Willoughby Road
DN17 2QP



t: 07850 818544


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